About Me

About Me


still figuring out this life journey. you too? let's talk about it

What would it look like if you lived the life you imagine?

Good news. Jesus paid for that life.

The life you imagine with fullness? The one where your heart feels fully alive, connected to God and the desires of your heart bursting with confidence? Jesus paid for that and it’s your inheritance. 

But sometimes we get stuck in all the in-between. Hurt. Disappointments. Fear, shame.

None of those things feel “simple” to get rid of, but they’re very real and they rob us of what’s ours in Christ. There’s a verse I found recently in Psalms… it says, “You maintain my lot.” 

Often we experience so many limitations, yet we don’t always recognize that they originate from our own beliefs! But Your Shepherd is maintaining your lot.

There are biblical, life-changing principles that will allow you to walk in the fullness of every desire of your heart and every promise of Jesus. It’s simple and it works by grace, through faith. Exactly the way it should.

Here's why I'm a heart life coach

I am so passionate about heart connection to the Lord. I am ready for more of it in my life, and I want to see the hearts of women championed in the unconditional, overwhelming love of Jesus. 

Religion isn’t the answer. Self-help and self-care aren’t the answer. 

But becoming aware of who we are, and Who created us? 

That changes everything!

When we tap into this greater awareness, the awareness of the Spirit of God that won’t be worshipped on “this mountain” or “that mountain”, but in the hearts of all men….the earth is His sanctuary!

I want women (and all people) to fellowship with the Lord in the deep places of their hearts, because we are His great reward, and the earth will be so beautiful when we are all fully connected to our hearts, connected to the Father, and alive in the greatness of our unique design.

What do I receive from heart coaching?

What's the investment?

You choose your journey.
Within the Heart is either a 30 day journey or a 3 month journey. You choose which one is right for you.

Starting at $199/month or $50/session

Want more info?

A life coach is someone that works with you to achieve your goals and experience powerful life change. Christ-centered life coaching means that it’s facilitated and fueled by the truth and love of God. A faith-based life coach will help you achieve those goals and experience powerful life change, through the lens of, and commitment to, biblical values.

Heart coaching is focused on the idea that every product of your life begins with your inward beliefs. Rewriting the beliefs of our hearts can be an intuitive process, but sometimes we become really disconnected from our hearts, from that quiet stillness where we hear the voice of the Lord. Heart coaching allows us to work at a deeper, more intimate level – where you can rest in grace to experience effortless change and cease striving.

Let’s talk. We can talk about your situation and find a solution. I am more than willing to work with you, regardless of financial limitations. In fact, I believe that these limitations are just that – limitations! One of the key areas of focus in Heart Coaching is to transform areas of limiting beliefs. 

We will lay a foundation together to understand your goals, desires and any areas where you feel limiting beliefs at work in your life. Then, over the course of a few weeks or months, we will begin learning how to expand the beliefs of your heart, by putting off old behaviors, thought patterns and beliefs, and putting on the NEW beliefs at a heart level. We will do this through our sessions in coaching conversations, guided meditations and through other resources I will make available or recommend to you. 

I have been a certified life coach, accredited by the Life Coach Institute, for 3 years. I will be a Heart Physics Certified Coach before 2023.  

Ecclesiastes 4:9
Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their labor.