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Addicted to Achieving

“I feel like I’ve spent too many days saying, “I did _____ and ______, but I didn’t finish this or that.” I almost always end my days declaring what I didn’t achieve. I begin my days making lists for what defines them. And often these lists and achievements are filled with things that may inevitably leave me empty or rob from me —- because they aren’t eternal.” I sat down to read today…to spend time with the Lord. And once again I found myself drifting off in my mind, but without ease. A drill sergeant barking orders and planning the next attack: my strategy for achieving through the remainder of the day. While the kids are asleep I will first clean the dishes, then make a grocery list and eat some lunch before they wake up. If I have time, I’ll read a book…but no maybe I should make the grocery list first, my husband can go while the kids sleep I will read a book and then later do the dishes. But when should I eat lunch? I’ll wait until dinner and just a snack while I finish dinner prep…. How exhausting. I haven’t even begun to tackle the…

The Birth of Eden

I have so much to say. Birth is such a gift. Like actual childbirth, is a gift. I knew this was true before I ever gave birth, but after Jonah’s birth, I experienced that it was true. I literally felt the presence of Jesus and had a revelation of childbirth as a praise offering to the God of all creation. I’ve experienced the presence of God many times in my life in different ways, but I’ve never felt such an extravagant worship offering as the labor of birth. Your body, your whole being, is creating, forming and birthing life through the power of Life Himself. When you think of it in that respect, no wonder birth gets a bad wrap. No wonder so many women experience trauma, pain, suffering and the curse of childbirth. I’m not going to get too deep in theology here, but I don’t believe that childbirth was ever supposed to be a curse of pain for women. It was intended to be a labor for women, just as men were to labor for food on the ground. Labor is simply work. But even beyond that, Jesus took the curse of it all in his labor of…

Patience With Your Desires: Succeed and Continue

“We proceed through rounds of failure because we know success is available if we continue.”   The point is this: I was about to give up. Because “I don’t have the time to sow into this as much as I want.” Can you imagine if every successful individual had given up when they felt they didn’t have enough time to invest? At the first sight of opposition? If they gave up when their first attempt wasn’t “successful” in their eyes? Remember with success as we know it, often comes failure.   Succeed and continue. The reality is that inventing a light bulb doesn’t come out right on the first try. We proceed through rounds of failure because we know success is available if we continue. Why are we wired this way I wonder? What if I told you that success was available at the start and throughout every round of trial? What have you been dreaming in your heart? What are you working at? What have you been persevering in? How have you been patient with yourself, encouraged yourself or challenged yourself to succeed and continue? Notice that sequence…”succeed and continue“.   Isn’t it cool that we are able to…

Dreaming from the Overflow

  We don’t always know how to steward our hearts for dreams. I think when I was a little girl, I was great at dreaming up big dreams and imagining fairy tales. There is a difference between the dreams of a young child and an adult who has both experienced difficulties and been hurt by trauma. So I’m challenging myself to dream again in a new way. To dream bigger not for the sake of dreaming, but to challenge myself, love myself and joyfully watch God bless my life with abundance. “More than you can think, hope, imagine.” Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… -Ephesians 3:20 That’s great. Lots of fuzzies. It’s real. It’s true. And that’s great news. It’s really the gospel if you think about it. I like another verse in Philemon 6:1… That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus. It’s real. He can do immeasurably more because He’s God, but especially because He’s already put everything in us in Jesus. I’d…

Surprises from God

I was in the prayer room during worship and I had another one of those moments that cannot be described. I love these moments. I was singing about believing the Lord for all we have, all He’s promised. And the verse coming to the surface of my heart was this: Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her! Luke 1:45 So we began to sing, “Oh, I have believed and now I will see the goodness of the Lord.” As we did, it lifted up as a prayer of faith. And as we sang I knew that it would ring into the air, into the hearts and bring freedom for faith and pave the way for promises. A release was coming. And it did. In my heart, I saw myself in the mansion of the Father. His great big house, with full rooms, full tables, gifts and abundance for me. In my heart, I saw the warfare of my life manifesting promises, the goodness of the Father and His faithfulness laying out gifts, and the destiny and righteousness that I fought for…being affirmed by the King. A great big house, with everything I…

The Birth of Jonah

Introduction First, I have to ask myself: why am I sharing my natural birth story? I’m sharing my birth story because after the research I did, the current condition of our culture, and the experience I had, I thought it was necessary. Necessary first, for myself on a personal level. I will always be able to reflect on each detail, and if and when I prepare for birth again, I’ll have encouragement for myself from experience. Also, necessary for others on a personal level. So many women experience childbirth. The question is how? Under what circumstances? Not just emotionally, but also physically. In the past, there was only one way to physically birth a baby. The way women were designed, naturally and vaginally. Today, there are many variations on the how. Medications, inductions, c-sections, etc. Thank heavens for the advancements of science and the time and place to use them. But that’s not what I want to spend my time writing about in my natural birth story. Women need to know that birth is normal. Our bodies were made for this. In fact, it doesn’t have to be painful. Yeah, it can be painful, but it doesn’t have to be….

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About Me


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