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still figuring out this life journey. you too? let's talk about it

Jesus Will Meet You Where You Are

Sometimes you hear the cliche response for the answer to your problem. “Worship the Lord, cast your cares on Him and He’ll make the burden feel lighter.” Well, that’s true, but it’s not always going to motivate you or actually help you get from A to B in your hard place, especially if you don’t understand what that means. When you come to Him in honesty and let it be hard, Jesus will meet you where you are, and then, He will start to comfort you. That’s what the process looks like. People haven’t always known how to communicate that or teach that, or even accomplish that in their own lives, but you can. Sometimes people get confused and think they need to deny their problems or their hurts and worship through it. But there’s a better way.   We are not a people in denial. Jesus wasn’t in denial about His trials, but He took His own hurts to the Father. We are a people of power and self-control, sacrifice and love. Jesus said no one takes My life from Me, but I lay it down. We don’t worship through denial – we worship through hardship. It’s a choice…

Addicted to Achieving

“I feel like I’ve spent too many days saying, “I did _____ and ______, but I didn’t finish this or that.” I almost always end my days declaring what I didn’t achieve. I begin my days making lists for what defines them. And often these lists and achievements are filled with things that may inevitably leave me empty or rob from me —- because they aren’t eternal.” I sat down to read today…to spend time with the Lord. And once again I found myself drifting off in my mind, but without ease. A drill sergeant barking orders and planning the next attack: my strategy for achieving through the remainder of the day. While the kids are asleep I will first clean the dishes, then make a grocery list and eat some lunch before they wake up. If I have time, I’ll read a book…but no maybe I should make the grocery list first, my husband can go while the kids sleep I will read a book and then later do the dishes. But when should I eat lunch? I’ll wait until dinner and just a snack while I finish dinner prep…. How exhausting. I haven’t even begun to tackle the…

About Me

About Me


Hi! I'm a mom, online business owner, worship leader and heart-focused, Spirit-led life coach. Thanks for being here. Let's talk about all the ways Jesus shows up everyday. More...

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