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Godly Self-Care

There’s a lot of talk in the world about self-care. As the church, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon, no reason not to, the concept and premise is spectacular. In reality, our culture has been self-sabotaging and this new wave of fundamental health is refreshing! Even the church has lacked sorely in this area where we should have been leading the example in healthy practices of caring for our whole bodies…well, we haven’t been. Now we have an opportunity to set an example for a group of hurting people who are trying to self-medicate! However, we also have a temptation to give in to ungodly but seemingly good self-care practices. Notice the phrase in its essence, self-care. Without taking up a religious or haughty spirit, shouldn’t we at least recognize that we can’t much take care of ourselves? Shouldn’t we be in the habit of promoting God-care? Putting that aside, let’s strip the stipulation or confusion and stick with the term self-care for simplicity’s sake. We are going to identify Godly self-care so that we can discern the difference between what the world is promoting for beneficial self-care and what God defines as self-care. Before we can be an example in…

The Striving Leaves Me Empty

It always happens this way. I find myself, at the end of myself, and realize…I ran out. How long was I running? When did I stop leaning into Jesus? What motivated me to do it in my own strength? What fear overtook me and forced me into this corner of striving? What hurt or trauma enticed me to control? Have you ever found yourself in this place? Have you found yourself in that moment where you recognize that you’re not operating in His strength anymore? Not operating in His grace, or freedom, or rest, or trust? You realize that you’re completely in your flesh, and as you take a moment, you get stuck trying to remember where you crossed the line. Let’s troubleshoot. How do we backtrack and resolve what’s happening? But, even better, how do we manage or monitor the engagement of our hearts and our whole selves to ensure that we aren’t leaving our Friend behind? If we’re leaving Him behind, we’re leaving ourselves behind. It’s like this ghostly picture of us is running ahead, and the real us is at rest in Jesus 10 feet back. The version of us that we thought was ok and moving…

Getting Ready for Childbirth

I get it. The most overwhelming part about being a first-time mom and getting ready for childbirth is that there is SO much to learn. The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay to not know everything. You will never be FULLY prepared. You don’t have to be, but…your heart can be prepared. In fact, your heart should be prepared, and that is the most important thing to learn regarding childbirth. That might not mean you’re completely at rest, but it does mean that you’re working towards it. When you take the time to settle your heart in truth, get rid of anxiety and face your fears (which are most likely lies, fear is just a lie…), your heart will be prepared for childbirth. Then, your mind and body will follow. When I began the journey of preparing my heart, I had two vitally important resources that I want to share with you: First, Childbirth without Fear written by Grantly Dick Read. (You can click on my affiliate link to purchase on Amazon. If you’re going to have a baby, it should be the first item you purchase.) In the beginning of the book, his experience and knowledge…

Patience With Your Desires: Succeed and Continue

“We proceed through rounds of failure because we know success is available if we continue.”   The point is this: I was about to give up. Because “I don’t have the time to sow into this as much as I want.” Can you imagine if every successful individual had given up when they felt they didn’t have enough time to invest? At the first sight of opposition? If they gave up when their first attempt wasn’t “successful” in their eyes? Remember with success as we know it, often comes failure.   Succeed and continue. The reality is that inventing a light bulb doesn’t come out right on the first try. We proceed through rounds of failure because we know success is available if we continue. Why are we wired this way I wonder? What if I told you that success was available at the start and throughout every round of trial? What have you been dreaming in your heart? What are you working at? What have you been persevering in? How have you been patient with yourself, encouraged yourself or challenged yourself to succeed and continue? Notice that sequence…”succeed and continue“.   Isn’t it cool that we are able to…

About Me

About Me


Hi! I'm a mom, online business owner, worship leader and heart-focused, Spirit-led life coach. Thanks for being here. Let's talk about all the ways Jesus shows up everyday. More...

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