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Getting Ready for Childbirth

June 21, 2019

I get it. The most overwhelming part about being a first-time mom and getting ready for childbirth is that there is SO much to learn. The most important thing to remember is that it’s okay to not know everything. You will never be FULLY prepared. You don’t have to be, but…your heart can be prepared. In fact, your heart should be prepared, and that is the most important thing to learn regarding childbirth. That might not mean you’re completely at rest, but it does mean that you’re working towards it.

When you take the time to settle your heart in truth, get rid of anxiety and face your fears (which are most likely lies, fear is just a lie…), your heart will be prepared for childbirth. Then, your mind and body will follow.

When I began the journey of preparing my heart, I had two vitally important resources that I want to share with you:

First, Childbirth without Fear written by Grantly Dick Read. (You can click on my affiliate link to purchase on Amazon. If you’re going to have a baby, it should be the first item you purchase.) In the beginning of the book, his experience and knowledge is described, and he is incredible. Essentially, he coined the term ‘natural childbirth.’ I cannot recommend this book enough.

It has much medical jargon throughout. Sometimes it’s an easy read, but during the medical heavy chapters, I may have skimmed or skipped some paragraphs. My favorite sections include the history and influence of religion and the early church as well as the appropriate translation of the Hebrew word ‘etzev,’ which more effectively translates ‘labor’ instead of ‘pain.’

Truly remarkable.

Questions of theology that I had even as a young girl began to reveal God’s heart through this man’s book. I thank God for this man’s life and ministry to empower women through birth and transform their experience.

He addresses birth that is possible without pain, and from a medical standpoint, it is in fact possible and should be normal. The process he explains, varying among women and circumstances, is absolutely the best outcome, surpassing all medicine and means outside of natural birthing. I highly recommend this resource.

The book to follow was Supernatural Childbirth, by a woman named Jackie. (Click on my affiliate link to purchase on Amazon. If you need scriptures to meditate on, have had trouble with miscarriage or just need testimonies of pain-free childbirth…THIS book is for YOU.) The most profound statement I gathered from the writing was ‘according to thy faith.’ The book addresses many areas of pregnancy and childbirth, including the sorrow of miscarriage and inability to conceive, from a faith perspective.

In the most power-packed way of faith, her and her husband challenge you to believe, and they do an incredible job of giving you tools to make it applicable. They give any person the ability to be met where they are, according to their faith and grow gracefully, sowing from that place.

The book is full of testimony and accompanied with prayers of confession and a ton of scripture. Every word is written from a finished work place. That meaning, Jesus addressed the curse when He died on the cross.

I read this book in the final weeks of pregnancy, and it enforced the teaching in Childbirth without Fear, and encouraged my heart in faith through the truth of God and His desire for me. Especially when events started turning and things got hard. You will face trial…don’t lose heart.

More to come on preparing your heart for natural birth…

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